We are confident that with the combined force and experience of our Mr. Andersen Ong, Mr. Tan Han Seng, Mr. Gary Lim and Low Hong Woei we would be able to provide your esteemed establishment with a wide and varied range of services which would meet your esteemed company’s needs.

We are aware of your esteemed organisation’s good reputation in providing efficient and competent services to your customer. We are also familiar with the strict procedures for the preparation of your security documentations. We ensure you that we are committed to achieve the standard of competency required by your esteemed company and will always see that your interests are well and fully protected.

Our firm aims to excel in the services which we are providing to our clients. In order to do so, we recognise the truth in the ancient Chinese proverb which says “if you wish to produce excellent work, you must first sharpen your tools”. As legal knowledge is the tools of all lawyers, our firm is not stingy in acquiring the necessary law books and journals to ensure that all the lawyers are well abreast with the latest development of the law in our country.

We are also conscious of the fact that since we are in the service industry, we require sufficient manpower in order to provide efficient services to our clients. Currently, we have engaged five (5) supporting staffs and we are still looking for more experienced and dedicated staffs.

The core areas of our practice are:-

  • civil litigation;
  • conveyancing (both from developer and subsale);
  • banking security documentation;
  • drafting of commercial documentation;
  • Joint Venture Agreements;
  • commercial litigation;
  • banking litigation;
  • criminal litigation;
  • trademark registration and  arbitration